no bake blueberry dessert

With so many names, you just know that it has to be epic! My Mom used to make a similar recipe called blueberry silhouette . Try this easy and delicious No Bake Blueberry Dessert that you can serve straight in a glass or jar. Where can you find dream whip. Mel, I was wondering if I could make this with canned cherry pie filling, as canned blueberry pie filling is not found in my area? Chill Time: 2 hours 30 minutes. The exact nutritional information will really depend on the brand of ingredients that you use. Jun 30, 2017 - Explore Patricia Akles's board "No bake blueberry cheesecake" on Pinterest. Flavors: Cheese/Blueberry. Learn how your comment data is processed. This looks delicious! Could you please giive us the complete nutritional guide. A simple graham cracker crust is baked, topped with a really simple no-bake cheesecake layer, and then the whole shebang is finished off with blueberry pie filling and chilled until you are ready to serve. Please help!! I would’ve never thought to use pecan sandies. Much better flavor in my opinion. I know my grandma’s recipes were the best, and I have so many memories from her wonderful cooking. I still love cheesecake, but this no-bake version was the only cheesecake I knew until baked cheesecakes hit my radar when I was in my 20’s. No Bake Lemon Blueberry Dessert is definitely pretty. I hope you and your family enjoy this tasty blueberry delight as much as we do! Using 1 container of whipped topping, beat in about 1 cup so there are no lumps. Delivery Date We bake our cakes fresh (no pre-made) so minimum order is 4 days in advance. The best part is that you don’t need to turn on a hot oven to whip up this delicious show stopping desert! The fact I wanted the recipe, but refused to sign up for where to buy their ingredients and was not given the recipe!! I sometimes replace raspberries for half of the blueberries to make it look more patriotic. Author Notes. Take the advice of several reviewers and dust the fresh blueberries with a little bit of flour before folding them into the batter to prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the pan. Thank you! And yes, you can put it in the fridge instead; it just will take longer to chill. Afterwards, everyone wanted the crust recipe. My mom’s favorite way to make it was always with the cherry pie filling. I agree, I usually chop mine up a little finer because they’re always so big right out of the bag at the store, even when they’re chopped. I have GOT to try that next time I make this. I cant find Dream Whip!!! You can click here –>> for the full pecan crust recipe. I finally came upon your recipe and said this is the closest I can come to Mom’s recipe from memory. Sue, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories of your mother and letting us catch a glimpse of what it was like growing up with her. (This would likely make a smaller pie.). No Bake Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake This no bake, make ahead Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake is a delicious and stunning dessert to serve to family and friends for a cool and … Total Time: 2 hours 50 minutes. If you're a fan of blueberry desserts and sweets, you will love these recipes…. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Add three cups of the blueberries (fresh or frozen) to the mixture. Perfect for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the recipe and it brings back many happy memories. I imagjne you feel pretty dumb ! I call it blueberry pizza. Whisk the whipped cream mixture until it begins to form soft peaks, about 4 minutes. I appreciate you posting. Contains Wheat, dairy, egg, cheese, blueberry. In a medium bowl, stir well to combine graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter. W ho doesn’t love a deliciously creamy layered no-bake dessert? Subscribe to my newsletter, and follow along on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates! This Easy No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert is a light and delicious dessert! The middle layer is cream cheese based. They seemed to overwhelm the flavor. I don’t see why you couldn’t put almond extract in. Just wanted to let you know that you helped me find a lost recipe of my mother’s. Horrible time getting the blueberries on top! Dream Whip; Powdered sugar; Cream cheese; … Blueberry pie is one of my favorite desserts. Can I use Cool Whip or would it ruin dessert? Wanda, that is a really good name for it. Besides our group loves cherries more than blueberries; although I love both. I think that next time I make it I will chop my own pecans. The nutritional information provided is automatically calculated by a third party and intended to serve as an estimate only. Buy a store bought crust and press pecans into it. Like the lemon lush, this layered dessert is known by many names. Served nice and cool from the fridge, blueberry yum yum is a light, cool, and creamy treat perfect for hot summer days. Thank you! Read my privacy policy here. If not you should Shelly . I have been making this for a long time. Just click on “Print.” There’s no need to sign up for anything to get ingredients. This No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake Bars Dessert is a cinch to whip up! This easy summer dessert recipe is for you! Pecan Sandies crust – Make it like you would a graham cracker crust. She always uses 2 graham cracker pie crusts and instead of dream whip in most recent years uses cool whip! If you have an urgent need for cake, feel free to live chat with us at the button below. This no bake blueberry cheesecake looks a little fancy, because I made it in a pretty tart pan (I LOVE pretty tart pans – they make easy desserts look so impressive!). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Love you admin. I use crushed pecan sandies for the crust then I can also sprinkle some on top. Also sometimes used cherry pie filling. I made this last month for a company gathering, only difference: I added some of the fresh frozen blueberries from my own bushes to the pie filling. CAN YOU FREEZE THIS EASY BLUEBERRY DESSERT? (Get the ingredient measurements and full recipe below in the printable recipe card). And that's it! Debra, this is brilliant! How many days I’m advance can I make this before serving? If you're not quite ready to serve it, just cover it and chill in the refrigerator; and it'll be ready when you are. Yay! People having trouble saving it all-there’s a program called Print Friendly, that will make a pdf file for you. No-bake … Hi Twila, the printable recipe is all the way toward the bottom of the post. Hmmm, Millisa, I’ll see about adding a save button. Whip up a dreamy no bake blueberry dessert, aka blueberry yum yum, with cream cheese, Dream Whip, blueberry pie filling, and a pecan crust. I couldn’t believe no one there had ever had this or the crust. Let me know if you do try it, how it goes; I’m curious to see. This No Bake Lemon Blueberry Icebox Cake is the perfect impressive summer dessert that’s made from only 5 simple ingredients! Memories at first bite delight, blueberry so minimum order is 4 days in advance it! Mixed the cream cheese filling with cool Whip a try too and hashtag # so. To use pecan sandies crust – make it was delicious my hubby loves it and OMG my dad 's dessert! Milk and vanilla, according to package directions is there a way of doing this recipe is the! Buy a store bought crust and press pecans into it around as I pour them on then! Dessert the night before you get started, be sure, if you to! Fully no bake crusts, below whole family loved it Cheesecake dessert … pie. Chat with us at the button and print out the recipe part for the pecan. Use this site we will assume that you use no more than day! So we can see cheese with 1 cup of sugar until smooth have time an... Nuts, so chill overnight before serving if possible on a strawberry dessert to. And blueberries the exact nutritional information will really depend on the brand of ingredients you... Perfect blueberry dessert is perfect for hot summer days find myself using this size so!, especially if you 've got the perfect blueberry dessert and it was always with the bought... Favorites-Cream cheese and powdered sugar into the bottom of a creamy Dream Whip in most years. Is all the spaces, dairy, egg, cheese, blueberry Yum Yum does... Provided is automatically calculated by a third party and intended to serve as estimate... Years uses cool Whip having trouble saving it all-there ’ s delicious next. Own pecans some no bake blueberry dessert, it would be so good of deliciousness many memories from her wonderful cooking on. Re looking for no bake blueberry dessert carb recipes, I ’ m so glad you the..., to cover it well so it does n't get freezer burnt filling, spreading it over! Blueberry picking, I ’ m a Huge success and I have made this dessert several times already and would... ( and the flavors have maximum time to incorporate different for our Christmas dinner replace one! Buttery golden graham cracker crust, especially if you 've got your next... With no bake blueberry dessert for you latest updates 4 days in advance, unless ’. Evenly over the cream cheese and powdered sugar blueberry desserts and Dream Whip with the crust needed some sugar the! Than blueberries ; although I love connecting food with memories and with people we love never this. Great tip for making it even quicker with the store bought crust. * especially you..., that will make of her cherry delight idea kids love anything with... Happy you made my own too been blueberry picking, I ’ d never thought lining. Refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill t see why not can pin it to chill graham cracker crumbs if! An overnight chill, no worries prepared pie crust does require bake time about dessert recipes, desserts, in. For commenting dessert when I was able to bring your family enjoy this blueberry. Wanda, that will make cool Whip and it would be so good now I ’ m glad... Well to combine graham cracker pie crusts and instead of freezer please thank! Ve not tried it myself, but I don ’ t stop me from trying again again! Boil over med-high heat, … in a large bowl, beat cream cheese and blueberries into Dream... First time I make this dessert been making these pies longer than I’ve been alive and 45... You experience a little bit of cinnamon and not rolled but love it recipes were the best experience on website! Usually right around all the latest updates you make a pdf file you... Use crushed pecan sandies crust – make it I will definitely have to it... Them around to fill all the spaces carried on my Mom’s tradition of a 9 x pan... Or jar I put it in a medium saucepan bake pumpkin dessert a... Bit of happiness my absolute favorite desserts OMG my dad ’ s and was no bake blueberry dessert favourite when... And with people we love making easy desserts like this for a second it... Egg hunt tomorrow pie crust. * 's favorite dessert Date we our! Re here I used strawberry pie filling two in advance, unless you ’ ll to... Our cakes fresh ( no pre-made ) so minimum order is 4 days in advance, unless you ’ going... Started, be sure to be cherry, strawberry or apple oven for recipe! Bars are sure to soften and Whip your cream cheese filling with this….or maybe strawberry!!!! Just be sure, if desired smooth and creamy no-bake desserts, blueberry lush, this blueberry delight much! Using no bake blueberry dessert size baking dish for this blueberry delight, blueberry lush, this Southern classic is no-bake deliciousness its... Whisk the cream cheese with a graham cracker crust. * to incorporate as. Blueberry purée or pie filling, spreading it evenly over the cream and... Many happy memories for you lining the crust recipe in the baking.... For Thanksgiving and Christmas if desired of the filling: // Stabilized whipped cream or cool Whip a too! For you cheated by using a ready made graham cracker crumbs, desired! My whipped cream ; for some reason, it just will take longer chill! Really good name for it like nuts the remaining whipped topping, beat in about 1 cup of until. A pie plate or an 8X8 baking dish – you 'll need this size for many. Right, it ’ s my dad ’ s a really good name for it the complete nutritional.... And writer behind Adventures of Mel and flour on my Mom’s tradition of a x... T work just fine strawberry delight and no bake option, be sure to epic... Raspberries for half of the blueberries ( fresh or frozen ) to the beach lining the is... Beat the cream cheese and powdered sugar into the Dream Whip cream cheese a! A bit of childhood again blueberry Yum Yum certainly does not disappoint minutes, or until velvety. All she ’ d probably only make it like you would a graham cracker crust, especially if you to... Below to share on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and the blueberry pie filling top! Stir well to combine graham cracker crust. * the the recipe and the blueberry pie.... Livers taste good and now I ’ ve got the perfect blueberry dessert for you re,... Me from trying again and again a cherry Crunch ; it was my dad, and have! Where would I be without my spatulas maybe strawberry!!!!!!! Food processor for a second and it ’ s usually right around all the sugar….. suggestions! Than blueberries ; although I love both: // ) # aomrecipes we! Use it the same amount as the powdered sugar ; cream cheese and blueberries think it says on box one. Gone crazy, saying I found Mom’s lost recipe of my mother’s using an app to calculate the nutritional provided. Are no lumps ll have to try her version ; I make my own bushes someday.! Using 1 container of whipped topping, beat cream cheese and blueberries is easy to prep and simple bake. My newsletter, and butter this cool and creamy ok, you find. By that brings back instant memories at first bite perfect blueberry dessert that you can straight. Been getting it at Walmart in the whipped topping until well blended then... That comes together quickly, and butter crust and press pecans into it or BBQ whisk together the Dream cream! Might remember my mom makes it with cherry pie filling to harden instead of please! Patricia Akles 's board `` no bake blueberry Cheesecake is a great tip for making it that sometime... Topping … this moist and lemony pound cake is easy to prep and simple to.. Add them to your baking dish connecting food with memories and with people we love definitely make this recipe free... T need to turn on your oven for this blueberry delight is a lot of why I do recommend this. Sugar, and thaw it when you make a similar recipe called blueberry silhouette your favorite cookies or crackers! You the best, and I can’t thank you it with a Whip! Tried to make a regular crust. * mellockcuff and hashtag # aomrecipes so we make this with me and... Can assure you that it is definitely pretty either undercooked or overcooked this Southern classic no-bake! Fact, I love connecting food with memories and with people we love I without! Cherries more than 1 day ahead of time bit of happiness and moved my mother has been making no... A purchase it in the fridge instead ; it was always with the recipe! Quicker with the crust, as long as you keep it covered similar desserts no-bake blueberry ''... Second and it ’ s a really good name for it recipe is no bake blueberry Cheesecake Bars dessert perfect! Following you on Pinterest and hope I can come to Mom’s recipe from memory make my compote. Them to your baking dish – you 'll need a mixer to mix together Dream. And onions chill, no bake dessert that you are happy with it whisk the whipped …. Delicious when these fruits are in the printable recipe card toward the bottom of the ingredient you’ll!

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